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KURINGA Forum Theatre Festival - April 2018


KURINGA's artistic productions are the result of investigative processes on Aesthetics of the Oppressed based on Sound/Rhythm, Image and Word, which promote the discovery of creative potentialities and the development of an autonomous and critical view on society. The “HOTEL EUROPA” Forum Theatre production of the TOgether project is an example of how to combine aesthetic research, collective learning, artistic production and concrete and continuous actions in an international network of TO initiatives from Amiens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Edinburgh, Lisbon and Pula.


KURINGA theatre groups stage questions on challenges in social life in order to promote dialogue and to research alternatives for overcoming oppression. The group Madalena-Berlin is part of an international network of female Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners, which promotes discussion and concrete actions for women’ rights. KIKMA is composed by the great diversity of the inhabitants of Berlin, stimulating and deepening the discussion on migration, establishment privileges and social justice.