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 Forum Theatre Play 

Maia, Donna and Carmen are three women who consider themselves modern and emancipated: one of them single, another married and third one divorced. Each in a distinct moment of life faces woman's models socially standardized and propagated that; somehow, they have also incorporated. In this Forum Theatre play the audience is invited to examine the social and cultural patterns that influence and / or determine the gender relationships and look for alternatives to overcome the injustices arising there from. 



Women's Theatre Group

In October 2010, with support from KURINGA-Berlin, project S.U.S.I. and Rudi-Nachbarschaftszentrum, met in Berlin twenty women of different ages, backgrounds and stories to participate in an inovative aesthetic experience: Madalena Laboratory. As a result, happened Madalena OnStage, event with theatrical performance, exhibition of paintings, poetry, video and photography.

The desire to advance in the discussion and create a women collective was continuous. From March 2011, some of these women began regular meetings, forming the group Madalena-Berlin.

A rich research process led to the Forum Theatre play Images of Women, which features ancestors images - stuck in the unconscious of the woman, images reinforced by education and socialization, and embedded images for the modern woman. The objective is to analyze with the public the consequences of the incorporation of these images in everyday life, and find alternatives to the situations of oppression and gender inequality still identified. 




The Madalena Laboratory had its beginning in January 2010 due to the initiative of Bárbara Santos, Kuringa of Theatre of the Oppressed, and Italian theatre director Alessandra Vannucci. They got together to develop this experience in Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Portugal, with support of the Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The initiative gave way to the need of the creation of a privileged space, in which the specificities of women’s daily oppressions could be discussed. A space exclusively for women in which mutual confidence is being strengthened and appreciated and in which the endeavour to overcome guilt and shame as well as competition can take place.

Alessandra Vannuci continues unrolling this experience as an extension project in the university UFOP, of Brazil. Bárbara Santos has developed it in Berlin (Germany) with the organization KURINGA, in Kolkata (India) with Jana Sanskriti, in Vienna (Austria) with TdU-Wien, in Barcelona (Spain) with L’Aranya Cració and Lisbon with GTO-Lx.

Participants of these initiatives have become multipliers providing new editions of the Laboratory in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Guinea Bissau. To discuss the direction of diffusion and an international network, was held in March 2012, the Madalena Seminar at the Center Theatre of the Oppressed.