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Who is the best?


Milena studies at university but her class is full of competition. The teachers support it and don’t care about the learning atmosphere. How can Milena convince her mates, that it would be better for all to cooperate more and compete less?


(A play about solidarity and competition.  Are we living in a competitive world? Competing is the most important thing one should know? Can one „fight“ for solidarity?)



Alicia Czerwoniak, B?azej Czerwoniak, Elly Jarvis, Go?a Czerwoniak, Jana Burger, Milena Garcitua,  Sheila Mengual, Tadeusz Kotulla,


Christoph Leucht

Solo guitar and voice:

Sheila Mengual


Group: KIKMA

Kikma is somehow the Berlin Germn language version for „Look here“ and a group of people from very different corners of life, who play together forum theatre since almost one year. 

Kikma is a forum theatre group of KURINGA.


Wer ist die Beste?

Alle Kinder spielen schön

All children play nicely

Alle sind zusammen

All are together

Alle Kinder sind tolerant

All children are tolerant

Mach mit uns unseren Tanz

Join and dance with us

Wir sind alle schön und gleich

We are all equal and beautiful

Alle sind die besten

We are all the best

Wer ist die Beste, wer ist die Stärkste, wer ist die Schnellste

 im ganzen Land?

Who is the best, who is the strongest, who is the fastest

 in the country?

Auf die Plätze fertig los, vergleich, vergleich, vergleich

Ready, steady, go, compare, compare, compare

Eine muss gewinnen: jetzt, jetzt, jetzt

One has to win: now, now, now