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APRIL in KURINGA Forum Theatre Festival

25 - 29 April 2017

Uferstudios GmbH (Studio 1) 

Badstr. 41a (Tor 1) 13357 Berlin 

(U8 Pankstraße / U9 Nauener Platz / S-Bahn Gesundbrunnen)


Public Activities: 19:00 

Uferstudios GmbH (Studio 1) 

25 April 2017
NO means NO
Legislative Theatre 
with Madalena-Berlin

26th 27th. and 28th April 2017
Forum Theatre Presentations

Groups from:
Warsaw, Poland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany


Internal Activities: 10:00 / 15:00, 26 - 29 April 2017,

Uferstudios GmbH


These activities are open to participants of any edition of the KURINGA Theatre of the Oppressed Qualification Programme. 

The Seminar of Multiplication aimed at the analysis of practical experiences through case studies. Based on the Report of Work Process of the participants, common topics, questions and doubts will be selected for collective analysis. 

Also a Theatrical Laboratory for the analysis of the presentations and forum sessions.

The qualification process has two courses and is confirmed during creative multiplication and the analysis of this practice. April in KURINGA is a fundamental space for deepening this process. 

Participants of the KURINGA Theatre of the Oppressed Qualification Programme (Goups A, B, C and D) will meet in Berlin April 2017 in order to discuss challenges and achievements in the application of the method in different fields. April in KURINGA opens spaces for exchange of ideas and experiences and the deepening of Theatre of the Oppressed qualification.  

 Analysis of experiences of multiplication (methodological, political, ethical and esthetic challenges and achievements) 

  • Share practical results 

(Presentations of forum theatre productions) 

  • Try out proposals 

(Theatrical Laboratory) 

practical experimentation of suggestions for the artistic production and forum.


kuringa at kuringa dot org

Theatrical Laboratory (Dramaturgy - Kuringa - Forum Session)

The Theatrical Laboratory aims to broaden and deepen understanding of the essential attributes to the Kuringa Praxis, to the composition of the dramatic structure of the Forum Theatre and to the effectiveness of the discussion at the Forum session.

This module must be done within a expanded meeting or in public events or a festival of Theatre of the Oppressed, where occur Forum Theatre and Legislative Theatre presentations. The plays must be presented with subsequent Forum and/or Legislative sessions, with external audiences. In another place and time, practitioners of the method along with the groups and Kuringas the - that agree to have their works analyzed - will meet to discuss the technical aspects of theatrical productions and effectiveness of the dialogue with the audience, and also to work some of these aspects in practice, aiming to overcome weaknesses and enhance capabilities.


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